Saturday, September 16, 2006

Happy DS Day! Part 2

The Arrival

I checked the mail today and got a wonderful surprise: my Mew DS arrived. It's in good shape; all I need to do now is find the Mew hard cover that I ordered from the Pokémon Center last year, pick up my DS starter kit and I'll be set. Then, the waiting for Diamond and Pearl shall begin in earnest.

My significant other has said he's just a little bit jealous of me. I think he already kinda likes my DS.

Speaking of Pokémon, I found a couple of new action figures at Target this past week. DP (my S.O.) and I were out and about on Thursday night, so we went to Target to check out their Transformers selection. DP found the 10th anniversary Beast Wars Optimus Primal and Megatron. He let loose a happy, "Oooh," when he grabbed them. I was about to comment about his reaction when I spotted a Lugia figure, with a Mewtwo figure hiding behind it. I gasped and grabbed them both, then promptly quit teasing DP. He did tease me quite a bit, however. :)


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