Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mysteries Abound

I pre-ordered a copy of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon this past week. I'll be picking it and the guide as well, up from my local EB Games. I have high hopes for it. In a couple of weeks, I'll be playing it and hopefully make a full report about it as well.

I can hardly wait. Pokémon is one of the few things that has kept me sane over the past few months. It's been like an escape for me, a way to take my mind off my problems. It's been a help during these dark times.

The game requires strategy and thought, which occupies my mind and keeps it from thinking about other, less pleasant things. In it, I can lose myself for a few moments and not worry. Pokémon has been a bright spot on some of my darker days. It's been a welcome break from my drudge-filled days.

Pokémon, a simple RPG. But it's also been a way for me to cope. And a way to keep sane.


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