Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy DS Day!

Well it will be, really soon!

Won a DS off eBay; it's the Mew version. I can't wait to get ahold of it. I've only seen pictures, so holding one will be awesome! I can hardly wait until it gets here! :) After that, it'll be "count the days until Diamond & Pearl are released". =/ At least I'll have Nintendogs, Trozei, and Pokémon: Mystery Dungeon to keep me happy until then.

On a sadder note, stingrays are having a tough time of it. I understand that people are upset because of Steve Irwin's death, but taking it all out on the stingrays won't help. It won't bring him back, and I don't think Mr. Irwin would approve of taking such actions. Please, leave the stingrays alone. Please. It was a tragic accident, not an malicious act. Besides, Steve would be really hurt if he heard about this. So, stop now. Don't sully the man's memory, okay?

On a work-related note, it seems that my retail chain will no longer have a layaway program. That just gives me another excuse to get my Nintendo DS starter set paid off early. But it'll be bad for our Christmas sales. :(


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