Saturday, September 17, 2005

Autumn's arrival

Autumn is in full swing here in Wisconsin. Although the Equinox does not officially arrive until the 22nd of this month, the signs of the season are everywhere.

As I walked down the streets a few days ago, I could see the leaves changing on the trees. No longer universally green, their true colors are making themselves known. No matter where you look you can see it; a patch of scarlet here, a glimpse of saffron there, a few ochre leaves hiding nervously behind their more verdant cousins.

The birds are growing restless. Many are getting ready for their journey to warmer climes. I've already thrown an extra blanket on my bed, to keep away the chill. The daytime temperatures are warm enough (we've been hitting the low to mid seventies) but the night is a different story.

It's a beautiful time of year. Beautiful, yet sad. Yet soon enough this shall pass and we will have our first snowfall; Nature will be clothed in brilliant white. Those residents who complained of summer's heat will content themselves by complaining of winter's chill. And the Wheel shall simply turn.


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