Thursday, September 08, 2005

September Blues

The leaves are now turning colors in earnest; there are patches of yellow and red nearly everywhere now. The temperatures are getting cooler. The Sun is rising later and setting earlier. Autumn will be here in officially in two weeks. Summer is over and dying. And I mourn for its passing.

Although I have often thought of autumn as one of the most beautiful times of the year, it has never been one of my favorite seasons. There is just too much sadness ingrained within it; school starts for most children, the trees begin to lose their leaves in order to slumber through the winter, and there is no more visiting the beachfront. A part of me wishes it could hibernate with the rest of Nature and awaken, refreshed and renewed, in the spring. But, seeing as how I am not a bear, that is little more than a pipe dream for me.

There is one thing that cheers me through this waning season: the promise of a new spring and a new summer. Autumn will come, winter will follow, but spring is never far behind. The seasons change. The Wheel of the Year turns.


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