Monday, August 15, 2005


Welcome to my blog. My name is Silverwynde. Here, you'll find some of my creative writings, whether they be fiction, fanfics, poetry, essays, or journal entries. You are welcomed to read and enjoy as you see fit. In fact, I hope you like what you read! But with that said, there are a few ground rules here.

All material is my own. If you wish to share any of my works with your friends, that's fine. Copy and paste a link from my blog in an email or IM. But please do NOT copy any of my work and call it your own! No one likes to be plagiarized.

If I post a fanfic: all characters involved in said fanfic are the property of their respective owners. They are not mine, excepting my own fan created characters. I do not own any trademarked characters in any sense of the word, nor am I trying to make any money from them or any of my fanfics.

Most of my poetry will be freestyle. I seem to have lost the ability to write with rhyme and meter; so if you hate freestyle poetry, you probably won't want to read mine.

Most of my entries will be "tagged", with one exception: my journal entries will simply have a title. Fanfics, poetry, short fiction and essays will be noted as such in their respective title fields before their main title.

You are welcomed to comment on my works, but please do so constructively. Leaving a quick "y0r werx Suxx00rzzzz!!!!11111!!!!" will be deleted. If you have a criticism, be polite and to the point. I don't want to constantly delete rude responses. It wastes both my time and yours.

There will be a variety of topics that I will write about here, so I'm hoping there will be a little something for almost everyone. However, if you don't like or approve what I'm writing about, please don't read it. I don't want you to read something that you don't like. Again, it wastes time, both yours and mine.

Updates will be done as frequently as possible. Writing takes a bit and I am my own worst critic, so please be patient.

Until next time!



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